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More than 325 languages available of God's Story
and Simply The Story plus numerous products.


Simply The Story - Training Products

Bookmarks — Printed Handbook — PAT (Practitioner Audio Training)


Simply The Story - Clothing

Exciting ways to encourage people to ask you for a story. Polo shirts and hats. More to come.


Solar powered hand-held solid state audio players.

Many combinations of Solar players could include Bible stories,
God's Story:
From Creation to Eternity,

and/or The Jesus Film. Hundreds of languages from which to choose.



For God's Story products, including DVDs, CDs, Flipcharts, Discussion
Guides, and more, please visit our sister site here:






Donate to Simply The Story through The God's Story Project - There are many unfunded languages and items given to national evangelists. Sponsor a backpack, MegaVoice or even give towards a new language. Your dollar can potentially affect hundreds or thousands for the Kingdom of God. Thank you!

$ (exa. 20.00)